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Corporate Housing


Our local experts enable our clients to understand and choose the best available options to match their lifestyle and needs. From airport pickup, to lease review services, to easing guests into their new community, National's Destination Services provides guests with care that will enable them to feel right at home.


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Corporate Travel

The stresses and anxieties a move can put on an individual are great. Keep the transition as smooth as possible by bundling short term housing and corporate travel needs together. National can not only coordinate short term furnished housing, but also manage all corporate travel needs.

Who We Serve

Localguesthelp offers services throughout the U.S. and Europe, with local experts. we offer combined experience in helping employees and their families relocate into and throughout the U.S. and Turkey, and with National's Global footprint, service around the world!

Why Choose us 

  • Simple, fair, and consistent pricing across the U.S. and Europe

  • Proven service, both domestically and internationally

  • Scope and scale – expert service around the world

  • Automated communication

  • Twice weekly status reporting = oversight and control

  • Built-in duty of care

  • Stable organization with decades of experience

Tapping into our vast global network and unique ecosystem of advisors and experts, we take care of life’s fundamental demands, wishes, and needs. By making anything and everything possible, we offer unparalleled access and a bespoke luxury lifestyle for now and into the future.


Destination Services

Corporate Travel

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